Ms. Shara Crawford
Ms. Shara Crawford has been at ALC since 2019 and worked in childcare since 1997. In her spare time, Ms. Shara loves to take naps and loves to craft. Ms. Shara loves working with toddlers because she says that they are amazing.

Ms. Ieisha Hart


Ms. Ieisha Hart ( Floater)has been with the ALC family since 2019 and has worked in child care in 2011. In her spare time, Ms. Ieisha loves playing with her son, baking cakes, and swimming. She loves working with children because she feels as though she is helping the children to be successful in the future.

Karime Guishard

Maintenance Man

Karime Guishard (Maintenance Man) has been with ALC since 2019 and has been providing maintenance service since 2002. In his spare time, Mr. Karime likes to play his bass guitar and participates in his non-profit organization. He enjoys fixing things and making people happy is why he is in the maintenance industry.